Popular Gaming Hardwares In Africa & Hardware Requirements For Games

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Every online website which offers online games are very user-friendly it doesn’t mean that you don’t need knowledge. You should possess basic internet knowledge to understand the process of playing games online. Every game on a website is designed to help every user with full and detailed instructions. You need to read this instruction to understand how to play a game. Visiting website which is reputed and famous can be helpful for first-time players because they offer user-friendly process to understand each and every game.

When a particular game asks for your name and age you need to enter genuine one because some games get filtered by the input you give. Parents should ask their kids to enter right age. You will see the results which are suitable to your age.

In this technologically growing world, we get to see much advancement in many aspects. Even in the gaming, we get to see rapid developments. Now days you can play 3D and 4K resolution games online. Before you chose to play these games you need to understand the hardware we need because without suitable hardware we cannot play these 3D and 4K resolution games on PC or laptops. You can invest little or large amounts of money to buy pc or laptop, either in cash or with credit cards, you can also use generateur de carte bancaire en ligne sans verification to buy good resources.

CPU: if you want to play games with full of 3D graphics then you can go for quad core processors at a fast clock speed can be ideal for games. Core i5 4460 with 3.3 GHz will be okay kind of performance for better you can opt for Core i7 4790 with 4.0 GHz you will get the best performance. If you want good performance you can go for Core i5 4690 with 3.5 GHz

RAM: Minimum RAM should be 8GB you can even opt for 16GB ram for games which are full of HD graphics. 16 GB RAM would give you seamless gaming performance. If you have RAM less than 4GB then you can play the game without any difficulty but after some time, your PC gets stuck due to overheat. So it better to have minimum 8GB

Hard Drive: Weston Digital, Samsung and Intel made hard drives are famous across the world which can offer better performance. You can buy any of them, but make you buy 1TB had drive.

Video Cards: Depending upon resolution and refresh rate you need to install a video card because high resolution means higher graphic processing power for this you need to install a dedicated graphic card. Since there availability of online games in 4K and 3D you need to have a better video card for perfect experience of these games.

Small games with 2D graphic or mobile games don’t need higher configuration you can simply play clash of clans astuce game french version in your mobile or with minimum computer configuration.

Nintendo Console Gaming In Africa

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Nintendo is gaming console was released in the year 2004. First it was released in Japan, then Australia, Europe and North America. Nintendo comes with unique feature called DS which has two backlit display screens. The redesigned models are Nintendo DS are Nintendo DS like and Nintendo DSi. These are models have vast sales across the globe. Its competitors are PlayStation and Xbox from Microsoft.

Features and Configuration of Nintendo DS:

Nintendo DS comes with powerful 4GB Ram, 256KB flash memory. It CPU features One 67.028 MHz ARM946E-S[3] and one 33.514 MHz ARM7TDMI with built in Wifi. It also comes with a built-in microphone and a support for wireless connectivity. It has 3-inch TFT LCD display panels, separate processors, and up to 1 gigabit (128 Megabytes) of semiconductor memory. It has rechargeable 850 mAh lithium-ion battery. It also has Power button, 8 digital buttons D-pad, Resistive touch screen (lower screen only) and Microphone. The Nintendo DS is backward compatible with Game Boy Advance (GBA) cartridges. Game Boy Advance games fit into a slot on the bottom of the system.

The Nintendo DS is not backward compatible with games for the Game Boy Color and the original Game Boy because the Sharp Z80 compatible processor is not included and the console has physical incompatibility with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. The original Gameboy sound processor used in the older systems is still included, and indeed
necessary for some GBA games that use the older sound hardware.

New Super Mario Bro game is the most played game in Nintendo DS. Nintendo DS has record sales of 154.01 million units till 2014. This is what makes Nintendo DS best handheld game console till date. These games are as good as those already known Grand Theft Auto V( gta 5 online argent ), Call Of Duty: Black Ops III, Mortal Kombat X Hack, competition in other game consoles. After release of Nintendo DS, they have released new model which is called as Nintendo 3DS. This also features dual screen setup. It can display screen in three dimensional look. On January 19, 2014 Nintendo DS games would be added to wii U virtual console and the first game Brain Age: Train your brain minutes in a day. This was released in Japan initially.

By releasing three models Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL Nintendo occupied good share in the gaming market. These models were released with enhanced features to meet the latest demands of the customers who always look for better gaming experience.

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